Ramen Night is the show that's not about ramen.

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Email: ramennight@icloud.com

Kris co-starred in the hit 2018 cult classic podcast Deep Sauce with his friend Ben, who is now the executive producer for Ramen Night.

Evan is a seminarian at Talbot School of Theology, in the process of entering vocational ministry as an ordained hospice chaplain. He lives in Tustin, CA with his wife, Social Media Director Nhien Tran.

Phil is the former head monk of The Monastery, an alternative living community for confirmed bachelors to find meaning and purpose outside of starting a family. He currently works as the Director of Coffee in San Diego, CA, and serves at City Bible Church as a youth group leader. A confirmed bachelor preparing for lifelong celibacy, Phil has no wife or kids.

Damico is a student at Lambda School, studying to become a software developer. He lives in Long Beach, CA and goes to City Bible Church. Though he is not currently in a relationship, Damico is getting after it and working hard to have a family someday.